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Ludwig Costume (Girl) from Axis Power Hetalia   free shipping    46%Off 

Price : £ 105.25   £ 63.15   £ 56.84 ( per Unit )
Quantity : Size Chart
size :
Including : shirt, coat, gloves, hat, tie
Material : polyester costume
Processing Time : 12-17 business days
Description :
  • for Ludwig (Germany) from Axis Powers Hetalia
  • The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product
  • Pannier is not include

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Ordering Information


Here is the size chart for this costume:

1 inches = 2.54cm
Female S 31 23.5 33 14.5 59-61 100-111
Female M 33 25.1 33.8 14.9 61-63 111-118
Female L 34.6 26.7 36.2 15.3 63-65 118-126
Female XL 36.2 28.3 37.7 15.7 65-67 126-138
Male S 34.6 29.1 35.4 16.5 63-65 120-136
Male M 36.2 30.7 37 17.3 65-67 136-140
Male L 37.7 32.2 38.5 18.1 67-69 140-148
Male XL 39.3 33.8 40.1 18.8 69-71 148-156
Male XXL 40.9 35.4 41.7 19.6 71-73 155-166

1 inches = 2.54cm
Female S 79 59 83 36.5 150-155 45-50
Female M 83.5 63.5 85.5 37.5 155-160 50-53
Female L 87.5 67.5 91.5 38.5 160-165 53-56
Female XL 91.5 71.5 95.5 39.5 165-170 56-62
Male S 87.5 73.5 89.5 41.5 160-165 54-61
Male M 91.5 77.5 93.5 43.5 165-170 61-63
Male L 95.5 81.5 97.5 45.5 170-175 63-66
Male XL 99.5 85.5 101.5 47.5 175-180 66-70
Male XXL 103.5 89.5 105.5 49.5 180-185 70-74

How to measure?

A: About the measurement, when you choose custom size, you need to measure your exact body size (according to the following picture) instead of the costume size. Our tailors will make the costume fit for you.


Once you make an order, it will take 15–20 working days to customize your costume by professional dressmaker. Complicated dress may need more than 30 days. Some wigs and Customized shoes will take a litter longer, about 4 to 5 weeks. All the accessories can ship immediately. If you need to attend a convention, please make sure you have enough time for preparing. 
Our dressmaker will start customizing the dress for you within 2 days after receiving your payment, it's impossible to cancel an order. Please make a careful decision.

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For WorldPay, it accepts Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit and MasterMoney.

Custom & Tax:
Cosplayfu has no control over import charges and does not have responsibility for the package meeting local customs taxes. When ordering from our site, you are considered the importer and must responsible for the import tax or any additional charges. You should contact your local customs office for further information because custom policies are different from country to country. If the package is subsequently returned to us, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges and the transaction fee of the total product purchase. Then the rest of the money will be refunded to you after we get the package back.

Shipping & Handling:
Cosplayfu.co.uk offer free shipping to United Kingdom. Please make sure your shipping address is correct. We often use China Post or Hong Kong Post. Most likely you will get the products within 20-30 business days.

You also can choose other shipping methods to have a fast shipping. But extra fee is needed.

We accept 100% refund when the product has quality problems or any unexpected mistakes. However the buyers are requested to send the product back to our office.

Please feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket in our Support Center.


Michiro  2014-04-17

Thank you so much for this cosplay!! It was so amazing! Not only was this cosplay amazing, it came in a month early! Thank you so much! It fits so well, it makes me very happy.

 CosplayFU UK support  2014-04-17

o(≧ω≦)o Thanks for your message & support, you really appreciate CosplayFU team! It'll be sooo great if you can share few cosplay photos with all CosplayFU members worldwide~~~

Michiro  2014-03-18

If it is alright to request, if I ordered this soon in about the next couple of weeks, would or could you request this to be shipped to me as soon as possible , like before June 15?

 CosplayFU UK support  2014-03-18

Hello Michiro, if you order in April 1st and use the free standard shipping method (20-30 days shipping time), it will reach you around May 10th-17th.   n_n

*All shipping information (including methods, cost & estimated delivered date) will be shown in order page, before payment; you can pay extra cost to upgrade shipping method there.
*Please remember to mark down the date (you need it) in the order form when you order it. :)

Alma  2014-01-12

Is there a female XXL size available?

 CosplayFU UK support  2014-01-12

Hello Alma, yes, if you order standard size now (about 2-3 weeks making costume time) and use the fastest shipping method (Premium Express, 3-6 days shipping time), it will reach you around in 3-4 weeks.   n_n

*All shipping information (including methods, cost & estimated delivered date) will be shown in order page, before payment; you can pay extra cost to upgrade shipping method there.
*Please remember to mark down the date (you need it) in the order form when you order it. :)

Fem:Emil Iceland  2013-07-18

I have just recieved this and gotten this cosplay in a different color. It's a little small but still awesome thank you ^_^

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-07-19

Hello Fem:Emil Iceland, o(≧ω≦)o Thanks for your message & support, you really appreciate CosplayFU team! It'll be sooo great if you can share few cosplay photos with all CosplayFU members worldwide~~~

Trish  2013-07-13

Hello! I bought this cosplay a couple years back and am quite happy with it - only thing is, I lost the hat that came with it. I was wondering if it would be possible to order just the hat separately. Thank you very much for your time.

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-07-13

o(≧ω≦)o Thanks for your message & support, you really appreciate CosplayFU team! It'll be sooo great if you can share few cosplay photos with all CosplayFU members worldwide~~~

For the hat, if you'd like to buy it separately, the unit price will be a bit high (because of the international shipping cost), please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n

Ofelia  2013-06-23

Hello,My costume arrived with no problem,but, unfortunately, it was too small. If I return it will I be refunded and allowed to order a bigger size? Please reply

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-06-24

Hello Ofelia, don't worry, please submit ticket (with order number & description) to our Support Center and let my teammates help you directly.  n_n

cyan  2013-06-12

hello, i bought my costume not too and i have yet to get the email to see if it has shipped and it said it would be here in a few days but it hasnt shipped can you please tell me if it is almost done i need it by the june 19th and it says it'll be here by the 22nd please reply

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-06-13

Hello cyan, we have shipped your item on June 6th, but as you choose the free shipping, we couldn't 100% guarantee if it can reach you on time. But we did our best to prepare it for you, hope you can understand. 

Mary  2013-04-03

I was wondering if the costume looks exactly like it does on the mannequin? Because I see the customer review photos and the outfit looks completely different. Does the dress flare out at the bottom like on the mannequin?

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-04-04

Hello Mary, the the actual costume is just same as the photo shown, but the costume size may affect the actual outcome effect.  n_n
*For this costume size, it is size Female L.

Jules14  2013-03-18

Hello! I was just wondering if the tracking for the package might be delayed at all? Just wanted to know if it was possible that it has been shipped but not updated ^~^ thank you!

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-03-19

Hi Jules14, please submit a ticket (with the product link & your order number) to our Support Center. n_n

Joan  2013-03-11

How long does it usually take to ship a package form where you ate to the states, say Tennessee? Thanks.

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-03-12

Hi Joan, the shipping time is depend on which shipping method will you choose. The free shipping method will take 20-30 business days and the fastest shipping method will take about 4-6 business days.n_n

Julia46  2013-02-26

You guys are the best! So looking forward to it. It's an awesome cosplay. Thank you so much for your time!

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-02-27

o(≧ω≦)o  thanks for your message & great support, you really appreciate CosplayFU team! 

Julia46  2013-02-25

I'm sorry to keep asking about shipping, but I've ordered with the fastest shipping, and e estimated delivery date is still April 2nd. I would just like to know if it is going to come by march 20th. I would rather know first before I order. Thanks

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-02-26

Hi Julia46, the item maybe can reach you on time, if there any information, we will send the e-mail to you, so don't worry about it.n_n 

Julia47  2013-02-25

Thank you! So if I used the fastest shipping today, about how long would it take to reach me? :)

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-02-26

Hi Julia47, have you ordered this costume?If yes, the standard size will take 12-17 business days and the custom size will take about 3 weeks to process and it will take another 4-6 business days(the fastest shipping method) to ship it out, so the order will take about a month to reach you.n_n

Julia47  2013-02-22

I need this before march 20th, but the estimated delivery date says that it should come around April 16th if I order it now. However, I don't really understand why because the description says it should take 12-17 business days. Which delivery date do I go by? Thank you.

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-02-23

Hello Julia47, if you order standard size now & use the fastest shipping (UPS, 4-6 days shipping time), it will reach you around mid-March, can reach you on time.  

*But if you use free shipping (20-30 days shipping time), it is unable to reach you on time, it will reach you around early April.
*Please remember to mark down the date (you need it) in the order form when you order it. :)

freddy17  2013-02-11

Is there a button where i can add two inches or so to my cosplay? Thanks.

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-02-12

Hello freddy17, the actual costume is just same as the photo shown; if you'd like to change the design, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let our tailor check if they can make for you.  n_n

Sabrina  2013-01-21

How is the hat going to stay on the head?

 CosplayFU UK support  2013-01-21

There are clips in the hat :)

Freddy  2012-12-16

Does this costume go over the knee? If not is it possible to make it go over the knee of I order this costume via custom-made? Thank you.

 CosplayFU UK support  2012-12-16

Hello Freddy, yes, it reaches the knee when you stand up.  If you'd like to change the coat length only, you can select the standard size & write the request in remark box (in order form), like "I want a longer coat, from the shoulder to the end: xxxcm", and our tailor will change it for you.  n_n

Sara  2012-09-06

I have a problem. I would urgently this cosplay and I should have it by September 20 (Even before !! ). I'm in Italy, How long does it take for shipping? How much are the shipping costs? Thanks a lot sorry for my many questions.

 CosplayFU UK support  2012-09-06

Hello Sara, our tailor need about 2 weeks to make this (standard size) costume, and if you use the fastest shipping method (UPS, 4-6 days shipping time), it will reach you around late Sept, cannot reach you before 20th.

However, we have a list of our ready-to-ship costumes & wigs, it provides with the standard sizes ['In stock(size)'], they can be shipped out within 24 hours. If you order them and use UPS shipping method, they will reach you around next Friday. :-)

Sara  2012-09-05

I would like to buy it but I've only the EURO on my paypal

 CosplayFU UK support  2012-09-06

EURO is also ok. :)

Jessica  2012-09-02

hi this cosplay does get bigger towards the knees right?

 CosplayFU UK support  2012-09-02

Hello Jessice, Yes it does get bigger towards the knees. n_n

Izzy  2012-04-15

How much would it be to buy just the coat and hat?

 CosplayFU UK support  2012-04-16

Hello,Izzy.Thanks for your support to us. You can make a request through our support center. 

FrancescaXBonnefoy   2012-02-10

Do you guys sell the wig to this?

 CosplayFU UK support  2012-02-10

Hello,FrancescaXBonnefoy.Thanks for your support to us.We are sorry that we do not have this wig now.

Eva  2012-01-17

Will you be making a wig for this soon? :) I would really like to know.

 CosplayFU UK support  2012-01-18

Hello Eva,thanks for your support. How about this wig : http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Ludwig+%28Germany%29+Wig+from+Axis+Powers+Hetalia

Otaku  2011-11-30

Does this come with the petticoat? Or can I buy the petticoat from you?

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-12-01

Hello Otaku,it dose not comes with the petticoat.You can buy it at http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Lolita+Pannier+%2801%29

amelinda  2011-11-07

Just received this cosplay today and I enjoy it very much~ I really love it~ Thank you so much and I will /definitely/ be buying stuff from here again~ ~Amelinda

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-11-08

Thanks for your support to us.

Em  2011-11-06

Is it possible to request the three lines that are usually on the Nyotalia Germany Cosplay on this one.

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-11-07

Hello,Em,thanks for supporting us.Please submit ticket (with product link & requests) to our Support Center at http://www.cosplayfu.com/support/ and let our tailors check if we can make for you.

Danke  2011-09-18

Quick question--Can this be machine washed? Arigatou :)

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-09-19

Hello,Danke,thanks for supporting us.Yes it,can.But hand wash would be better.

Lullaby  2011-09-18

What does the dress inside look like? What color is it? Thanks...It looks great! :)

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-09-18

Hello,Lullaby,thanks for supporting us.Please submit ticket (with product link & requests) to our Support Center at http://www.cosplayfu.com/support/

Brenda  2011-08-23

Hey! :D I have a question if some parts of the costume wont fit for example the chest mine is 39 would I have to get it custom made? Also does the hat have like a clip in it to actually stay on your head? Thanks! :)

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-08-24

Hello,we can make customize size costume, so you just choose 'custom size' in the size option, and fill in the measurements in the size box provided will be okay.It's like a clip in it.

Jenna Mazzoni  2011-08-12

Does the hat come with this? (please say yes D:)

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-08-15

Yes, the hat will come with. ^ ^

xEriicax  2011-08-03

may i also get a picture of this costume in XL?

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-08-03

There is no picture.But the costume you will receive will look exactly like the one in the photo.

Erica  2011-08-03

May ask? what if the costume dosent fit can we return the and get a refund?

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-08-03

If it's the size you choose,we are afraid that you can't return and refund.

Alison Santander  2011-07-29

Shat exactly is underneath the outer jacket? Is it a dress slip or an actual dress.?

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-08-01

It is a dress.

Cora Jennings  2011-07-28

Is it possible to order this outfit and receive it on or before the 11th of august??

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-07-28

Hello. We are sorry to tell you it is too rush to ship. As we need 12-17 business days to prepare for you and it will take another several days for the product to reach you after we ship it.

Jenna Mazzoni  2011-06-30

I was wondering if I could get this quicker? I need it in 7 days. Is it possible to have it rush delivered?

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-07-01

Hello. No, it isn't. We are sorry that is too rush to shipped.

Mina  2011-04-29

would it be possible to get the just the jacket in blue?

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-05-03

Hello Mina. Yes, it is. And you need to contact our support center .

Jaime  2011-03-13

Hi! I was wondering how much it would be to buy the fem!Germany costume without gloves or boot covers. I just want the shirt, coat, hat and tie. Thank you!

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-03-14

If you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"

Anele  2011-01-06

Is it possible to buy just the coat? I want to cosplay Fem!Germany and all that´s missing is the coat. The rest is already there.

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-01-07

Hello,Anele.Thanks for your support. Yes, you can. Please submit your ticket through www.cosplayfu.com/support.

Nadja Reichert  2011-01-03

Dear Cosplayfu.com, I am interested in the girlish costume for Ludwig(Germany) from Hetalia. I got everything fpr my Cosplay, except the coat. May question is now, if it´s possible to buy only the coat. Just the coat without the hat, the gloves, the shirt and the tie, because I got this already. Sincerely yours Nadja Reichert

 CosplayFU UK support  2011-01-04

Hello, Nadja. We can do the commission for you. Please contact our support center for a commission link:)

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